Athletes Office

 Athletes Office 


The university supports everything related to sports activity for students and employees through:

1- Providing a gym equipped with the latest sports equipment.

2- Providing green sports fields prepared for the practice of various sports.

3- Activating the college's sports activity (forming sports teams - holding matches - participating in sports activities organized by the university - participating in the university's gymnasium.

4- Providing male and female trainers in all fields of sports and technical activities.

5- Participating with other private and public universities in the sports league competitions held by these universities and internal participation, inter-faculty activities, and the activities of the Ministry of Youth and Sports.


Among the university's achievements:

• Winning the best female swimmer in the World Championships in Finswimming for adults in Russia for 2021.Athletes-Office2

• Receiving the festival shield from South Valley University by Nile University.

• Getting a third place in Sheikh Zayed Marathon among Egypt's universities.

• Winning first place in the Arab Federation of Physical Strength for 2017.