Scope and Objectives


ASRP Project Scope

The Academic System Resource Planning (ASRP) project aims to provide an intelligent decision-making system that is quality-oriented. The system analyzes real-time inputs and outputs of various academic processes. Academic quality framework requirements are quantified to reflect current achievement levels. Finally, corrective actions are automatically generated to support the decision-making process.


ASRP Project Objectives

  • Mapping of academic processes for optimal performance.
  • Providing an automated integrated environment for academic processes.
  • Developing a comprehensive set of performance dashboards.
  • Adopting an objective internal system for quantitative assessment of academic quality requirements.
  • Employing a smart decision-making environment towards continuous improvement of quality goals.



Academic System Resource Planning (ASRP)

The university environment is assumed to be based on two main concepts: processes and quality systems. The ASRP project, in turn, aims to create a university environment that is automated, quality-oriented and smart.


Elements of NU ASRP System

  • Portals: Online systems for automated operation.

  • Process: Groups of activities designed to create added value.
  • Process quantification: The process resources are termed Process Control Variables (PCVs). The process' success indicators are termed Process Measurement Variables (PMVs).
  • Quality systems: Frameworks introduced by regulating bodies and independent entities to assure academic quality.
  • Smart control system: for decision making, closed-loop control with examples.