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The Trojan Club, recently founded at Nile University, aims to unite and educate individuals with a strong passion for cybersecurity.

Their goal is to bring together and educate those passionate about cybersecurity, assisting them in gaining the knowledge and skills required to excel in this field. They prepare their members for the yearly main event and offer a platform to uncover the truth about cybersecurity. A clear roadmap is provided for students, and growth is promoted through workshops, sessions, friendly competitions, and enjoyable activities.

Omar Mohamed Magdy, the founder of the Trojan Club, has nurtured his passion for cybersecurity since high school. Recognizing the absence of a supportive community to foster his learning and growth, he decided to take matters into his own hands. With unwavering determination, he initiated the creation of a cybersecurity club at Nile University. His mission extends beyond personal growth; he aspires to leave a lasting, positive impact and plans to expand to other universities, uniting a community of Egyptian enthusiasts. Currently a sophomore majoring in computer science, Omar's journey has seen impressive progress. Just one month after the club's launch, they received an overwhelming response, with approximately 250 sign-ups to attend their sessions.

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