Clubs, sports, and events are excellent opportunities to enjoy university time, meet new people, and ensure a healthy balance between social and academic life, which will ultimately be better-qualified nominees for graduate roles. Students encounter practical experience through the student extra-curricular activities that they can use in job applications to show off their skills and knowledge. At NU, students will find over 20 different clubs that will help them learn about themselves and develop their skills in other contexts.

Student Life Brochure


Student Union

The Student Union (SU) is a group of students selected according to a specific criterion. The SU consists of 15 students - including the President, VP,  Secretary, etc. - that make up the activity in the Union. The SU represents, serves, connects, and develops diverse student bodies through instigating and organizing different academic and social programs and events.


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Work/Study Program

A work-study program is an educational plan that offers paid jobs on campus, providing university students with an opportunity to deepen their knowledge, strengthen their skills, and explore how to translate their academic studies into career opportunities.

Freshmen Orientation 

An orientation program is held for first-year students; it includes regulatory, academic, informative, innovative, and social activities. Students are introduced to university life and get acquainted with the premises. Continuing students and the Student Union participate in making the orientation enjoyable and valuable. The Student Union also holds a Welcome party every year for all students. 

NU Ambassador Program

Student ambassadors are NU representatives that deal and interact with VIPs, first-year students, alumni, and parents. They usually participate in important events such as first-year orientations and graduation commencements, reflecting NU values.

Co-curricular Transcript

NU provides its students with a unique opportunity by enabling its students to issue a co-curricular transcript that officially recognizes students' active participation in student extra-curricular activities. 




Student Achievements

Students’ achievements at NU vary from being academic, artistic, athletic, and social, among others. The accomplishments they gain as a student have a direct impact on their academic and social life.  We want our students to be successful in life which means it goes beyond the academic basic scale of measuring success for students and so the focus shifts to include diverse extracurricular activities.