Skills and Employability Enhancement Center

SEEC office

As Nile University believes that each one has his own capabilities in a great different way, we established SEEC office to help you understand yourself, your competencies, development areas and your career interest to start your own journey towards achieving your own success story.

The Skills and Employability Enhancement Center provides students and alumni with opportunities to develop professionally, connect with potential employers, improve employability skills, and achieve lifelong career success. It also provides assistance regarding career exploration and development tailored to their specific professional needs.



To build a competitive caliber that matches the market needs.


To provide students and alumni with opportunities to develop professionally, connect with 
potential employers, improve employability skills and achieve lifelong career success.

The Office Services:

This service is to help students discover their selves, potentials and development areas. Also, to enlighten them with the tools they need to develop their personalities.

  • Self-Awareness
  • Self-Assessment

You can have your personal assessment done by SEEC professionals by submitting the Assessment Form.

This service is to build students’ career competencies, to help them choose the most matching career to their competencies and passion, and to guide them to their next step.

  • Major Choice
  • Career Planning
  • CV Writing and Reviewing (You can book your slot for this service through the CV Review Form)
  • Job Search Preparation
  • Interview Preparation
  • Competency-Based Interview Skills

Each year NU is to hold a career day to all NU students, this event is to help students know the market, earn new competencies, widen their network and start their professional careers.

Each student is an asset to NU, therefore NU is providing modern career planning tools for all students to encourage them to become aligned with their competencies and market needs. 

  • A Day with an Expert Event
  • Career Coaching Sessions (Book your slot by filling out the Coaching Session Form)
  • Career Counseling Opportunities
  • Career Conversation Groups
  • Mock Interviews Events ( Book your slot by filling out the Mock Interview Form)
  • Employability Competencies Conference – For Senior Students
  • Career Shifting Counseling