Conference Paper

A model of a research and entrepreneurial university for developing nations: The case of Nile University

Khalil T.M.

Education is the most important sector influencing development of nations. The experience of the USA, several European countries, and more recently of South Korea, India and China are but few examples of the positive influence gained from attention to education on economic growth and improvement of the standards of living. All components of the education system chain from preschool to primary, secondary, tertiary and graduate education are important. Higher education, however, can provide greater value added particularly when combined with research and innovation. Research universities have a significant role to play in this regard particularly if combined with an entrepreneurial culture. Research entrepreneurial universities not only participate in education and dissemination of knowledge but also create knowledge and innovations. They give special attention to technology transfer and entrepreneurship with direct impact on economic return and development. Developing countries and in particular African countries face many challenges that must be addressed without delay. These include education, health care, transportation, logistics, security, information and communication, energy, water supplies, environment and many more. Research entrepreneurial universities consider these challenges as fertile opportunities to tackle through relevant curricula, research and technology transfer. This paper presents a model of a new university established recently in Egypt called Nile University (NU). This model can be a useful one for similar effort in Africa and many developing countries. The author relies on personal experience gained in establishing the University in Egypt where he serves as founding president. The model is an independent, nonprofit research and entrepreneurial institution of higher learning. The university conceptual design is based on the management of technology philosophy for development and wealth creation. The university philosophy in Education, research and focus on graduate education is explained. The emphasis on entrepreneurship education and promotion qualifies it to be a truly entrepreneurial university. Copyright © 2015 by the President of Nile University.