Dr. Heba Labib's Panel Discussion in the World of AgriTech

The dynamic and promising world of AgriTech witnessed the insightful guidance and contributions of Dr. Heba Labib, Assistant VP of Innovation at Nile University.

Dr. Labib lent her expertise to a stimulating panel discussion hosted by CGIAR, mentioning how NilePreneurs has supported startups and SMEs with various products and programs like:

- Operating the BDS Hubs - مراكز خدمات تطوير الأعمال - مراكز خدمات تطوير الأعمال allowing access to finance Agri-businesses in more than 18 governorate.

- Intervention with MILCOTECH product development to the dairy products value chain, developing quality traceability device for milk collection centres that's connectable to digital payment system for instant payment to small farmers.

- Safe Agro MENA Project, partner project aiming to ensure contamination free irrigation treated water for planted crops in MENA region. Inviting startups & SMEs to contribute with solutions of prevention.

- Agricultural capacity building and digital extension services platform, Agrogate Masr - اجروجيت مصر, with 100K+ unique visitors since launch in 2022, and receiving ESCWA-DAC 2022/2023 Award for best sustainability Arabic content.

Dr. Labib also moderated a session on the pivotal role of acceleration programs in upscaling AgriTech initiatives, a glimpse from her workshop's raised questions were:

- How Agri-Tech Entrepreneurs were supported by accelerator programs and what are the services they need for further growth?

- How Investors and Funding Institutions see the impact of accelerator programs on investment landscape for AgriTech ventures and what they look for in AgriTech startups that would encourage them to inject investments into this sector?

- How Government and Regulatory Bodies see possible collaborations with acceleration programs to create an enabling environment for AgriTech initiatives considering regulatory challenges and policy support?