Sustainable Multidisciplinary Advanced Research Trends (SMART2024) Conference

Nile University - NU Campus
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The "Sustainable Multidisciplinary Advanced Research Trends" conference brings together scholars, researchers, practitioners, and innovators from various fields to discuss cutting-edge technology, innovation, and sustainability.

This conference introduces new research trends that could change how we perceive, use, and integrate technology in a rapidly changing world. The goals of the SMART conference include advancing the understanding of how technology and innovation can contribute to sustainable development, fostering interdisciplinary collaborations that transcend traditional boundaries, and inspiring actionable initiatives that address global challenges.

By participating in this conference, attendees will be equipped with insights, knowledge, and connections that empower them to contribute meaningfully to the ongoing dialogue about the role of technology and innovation in shaping a sustainable future.

This year will investigate the software algorithms and hardware implementations of information security where several keynote speakers and workshops will be managed.