Nile University's Open Day

NU Campus
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Are you ready to attend Nile University's Open Day?

Nile University invites all high school students and their families to the Open House on Saturday, May 25th. This event aims to introduce students to the educational system, colleges, various research centers, and the university's role in scientific research, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

To register:

The House Open is a full-day event within the university campus to learn all the details about the admission process, scholarships, school fees, and explore the available majors.

Nile University's team will be there to help you understand all the details about:

  1. Exploring available schools and majors, job market, and future careers.
  2. Laboratories and campus life.
  3. Tuition fees and scholarships.
  4. Study abroad through the student exchange program.
  5. Field trips and training programs.
  6. Accreditation of the university degree and joining professional associations after graduation.
  7. Opportunities for travel and pursuing postgraduate studies in European universities.

Location: Nile University Campus, Sheikh Zayed