Dr. Tawfik Ismail

Associate Professor, Director of WINC Research Center, Director of Wireless Technology Master Program


Dr. Ismail is the Director of Wireless Intelligent Networks Center (WINC) for Research, and Wireless Technology (WT) Program, Nile University. Additionally, he is an Associate Professor in the Department of Electronics and Computer, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Nile University, Egypt. In 2015, Dr. Ismail had postdoctoral research in optical and wireless communications at the Technical Institute of Microwave and Photonic Engineering, University of Graz, Austria. In 2018, he joined the optical wireless communication research group at the Department of Engineering and Sciences, University of Oxford, UK, to work in research of quantum communication in free space. His research interests lie in the broad areas including optical and wireless communications, mmWave, mobile edge computing, cryptography, quantum communications, IoT security, and blockchain, as well as the applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning in communication networks and healthcare.

Since 2014, Dr. Ismail joint several research projects funded nationally by NTRA, ASRT, STDF, and ITIDA (Egypt) and internationally by InnoveUK (UK). He is established and lead a research group for optical and wireless communications at Cairo University, Egypt. He has research stays at the Technical Institute of Microwave and Photonic Engineering, University of Graz (Austria), American University of Cairo (Egypt), Cairo University (Egypt), and Malaviya National Institute of Technology (India).

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