EMAAR Misr and Architecture and Urban Design Program Collaboration


Nile University, in cooperation with EMAAR Misr, organized an exhibition for the projects submitted by students of the Architecture and Urban Design Program (ARUD) at Nile University, which aims to produce a generation of architects who are able to meet the requirements of contemporary society and make a qualitative leap in architecture and urbanism, through an integrative interdisciplinary approach centered on the human being.

Mr. Mohamed Ali Al-Abbar, the founder of EMAAR Misr, stated that they

“cooperate with major educational institutions to provide high-quality educational opportunities for young people while linking it with practical life.”


EMAAR Misr's aim in supporting Design for Dwelling event in the fall of the 2020/2021 semester, lies in boosting the use of the scientific material and studies on low-cost housing and its role in building villages. The architectural and urban design course is interested in studying the design of affordable homes and which are suitable for the nature of the environment in different societies.

Mr. Al-Abbar declares that

“Investing in people is one of the issues that present themselves largely on the scene, as the amount of information available and the skills required of young people has become enormous. It is needed to provide a serious educational opportunity and support what is new in various fields, which will help improve the existing situation. This change will be  reflected in the lives of people, whether in the short or long term.”


Al-Abbar added, “Education changes the lives of people, so we are keen in EMAAR Misr to have international educational institutions in the societies of EMAAR Misr, or to cooperate with various scientific bodies, by supporting scientific research, such as the Nile University, which is famous for the quality of its scientific programs and its presentation of important and related scientific research. In addition, EMAAR Misr transfers its experience to the youth in the real estate field as one of the global companies and educates them on how integrated societies can be designed in line with the nature of life in each country, its customs, and aspirations for a better life.

Dr. Dina Shehayeb, founder and director of the Architecture and Urban Design Program at Nile University, said,

"The social, cultural and economic patterns of the population, the reciprocal relations between the" official "and the" informal ", the flexibility and adaptability, and the continuous experimentation in laws and legislations, makes our study an extremely difficult and important endeavor, which requires guiding frameworks for understanding and design that are complementary, multidisciplinary, socially and culturally sensitive and technically innovative at the same time.”


She also confirmed that the University’s vision is mainly directed at developing an “innovative” architecture program that is based on technology but which is also directly connected with the real-life scenario that enables students to face the challenges of building human settlements that support and maintain well-being, prosperity, and the fulfillment of human values.

Last October, EMAAR Misr celebrated the success of the first phase of the Cairo Gate project - its first project in West Cairo - which is located on an area of ​​133 acres in the heart of Sheikh Zayed, with investments amounting to EGP 11.5 billion. It also launched its second project "Belle Vie" in West Cairo, an area of ​​500 acres in the new Sheikh Zayed City, and the investment value of the project reaches 37.8 billion pounds.


About "EMAAR Misr":

EMAAR Misr - an Egyptian joint-stock company - is the largest developer of the most prestigious residential communities in Egypt. It is a subsidiary company whose majority is owned by EMAAR Real Estate Company, listed on the Dubai Financial Market, based in the United Arab Emirates. The total land area owned by "EMAAR Misr" is about 17.4 million square meters, distributed over four strategically distinct locations in East, West, and Central Cairo, as well as in the North Coast.

Among the most prominent current projects under implementation within the "EMAAR Misr" portfolio is the "Uptown Cairo" project, which is a major integrated mixed-use complex in the center of the upscale "EMAAR Square" project, which is a vibrant central destination; this in addition to both "Marassi", a modern tourist destination in the North Coast. There is also the distinguished residential project "Mivida" in New Cairo, which establishes new standards at the level of residential development projects in Egypt, and the "Cairo Gate" project in Sheikh Zayed, which is a residential, commercial and integrated services project located directly on the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road in one of the most popular places, as well as Belle Vie in the new Sheikh Zayed City on an area of ​​500 acres.


About the "Architecture and Urban Design Program at Nile University":

The Bachelor of Architecture and Urban Design (ARUD) Program at Nile University is the main output of the IMPAQT (Integrated Multidisciplinary People-centred Architecture Qualification and Training) project. This program was designed with the contribution of partners from European universities and Egyptian institutions, with funding from the European Commission, sponsored by the Erasmus + program to support cooperation with European universities. The program distinguishes itself by following an integrative approach that integrates interdisciplinary and connects scientific research, theory and application, and focuses on including the practical side of the profession in educational curricula while using the latest methods and technology in architectural education.

Acceptance of students' enrollment in the undergraduate program in the Architectural Engineering and Urban Design (ARUD) program at Nile University has started in the academic year 2018/2019 (September 2018). The study in the program is based on the credit hour system - 160 credit hours - which students can complete in 10 semesters, equivalent to five years, as the last semester is entirely devoted to the graduation project only.

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