Dr. Tarek Khalil

NU President

President Word

Dear University Family,

I would like to welcome all members of Nile University community to a new academic year 2020. This has been a year of unexpected twists and turns, but it has also been a year of accomplishments and pride for Nile University. The big story in everyone’s mind this year is Covid-19, the Coronavirus that literally shut down the world. It has forced us to change the way we live, the way we work, the way we interact with one another, the way we do business, and indeed the way we educate. This diabolical virus hit as we were starting our Spring 2020 Semester. We knew how dangerous it was, so we followed world developments closely. This year we had great plans in place and many events scheduled for the university to shine locally and internationally. The first event, and the one we, fortunately, were able to host before the pandemic, was a local one to showcase Nilepreneurs accomplishments in collaboration and support of the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE). This is the project dedicated to spreading the culture of entrepreneurship and supporting the establishment of small and medium enterprises in Egypt. It was a great event attended by CBE dignitaries, CEOs of most banks in Egypt, University Presidents, and many community leaders. We started putting in place plans for campus improvement and very ambitious plans for the expansion of academic programs and facilities. We were also finalizing arrangements to host a major international conference (IAMOT 2020), the 29th International Conference on Management of Technology on Nile University campus with representatives from more than 40 countries around the world. Suddenly, we heard of world travel restrictions and had to postpone the event to September and made a decision to host a virtual conference for the first time in our history. We also started gearing up for a new world; we adjusted the Spring calendar to move the Spring vacation two weeks earlier. So when the government announced shutting down schools and universities on March 15, Nile University was ready to swing in action to transform education into a distant learning mode. Because of the dedication and hard work of NU faculty, staff, TAs, and its community, we were able to do a complete transformation of all course work in all programs into a digital platform and to start interactive sessions with students resuming the education process on April 5, 2020. We are still in this mode of operation until the time of writing this message. Students and the university community's safety and healthcare are our primary concern. As restrictions are removed, we will resume gradually getting back into normal operation while putting in place adequate measures for safety and health for all.

On the positive front of all these unprecedented events in our lives, the university has made major strides forward this year. I summarize some of these below. I am extremely proud of our faculty, students, researchers and our staff and thank them for their accomplishments. I thank our Board of Trustees under the chairmanship of H.E. Mr. Amre Moussa and our Advisory Board under the chairmanship of Mr. Omar El-Damaty for their continued support of the university and bid a hearty welcome to all incoming new students who plan to join Nile University family this year.


Achievements of the University in Various Fields

During the Academic Year 2019/2020


Scientific Research:

  • Nile University ranked first in the indicators of scientific research according to SciVal global database regarding field-weighted citation impact (FWCI) at the level of all Egyptian universities during 2020.
  • The university succeeded in being at the forefront among the international universities in three scientific fields in terms of the number of research papers published internationally according to SciVal global database during the year 2020.
  • Nile University leaped 59 spots in 2020 compared to its ranking in 2019 in the Scimago ranking and became in group No. 714 globally. It also leaped 24 spots to rank No. 13 during 2020 among Egyptian universities, which includes in this ranking 41 universities and research institutions in Egypt. It ranked 10th in Egypt with respect to the research index according to the Scimago ranking and Group No. 408 globally this year.
  • Nile University was listed for the first time within US News ranking 2020 of Egyptian universities, which include only 25 educational institutions from more than 60 universities operating in Egypt. It pointed out that the university also ranked No. 10 in computer science and ranked No. 23 in engineering out of 64 universities in Egypt, ahead of all private universities.
  • Teaching staff and researchers at Nile University succeeded in publishing research papers listed in the SCOPUS database at a rate exceeding 3.5 publications for each member of the teaching staff in 2019, which is one of the highest local rates and is equivalent to almost 4 times that of Egyptian public universities.

Academic Work:

  • Nile University established the largest system for automatic control and mechatronics in the Arab Republic of Egypt, approved by FESTO the largest international company in Germany to develop industrial automatic control systems, and recognized as a pioneer in developing the applications of the fourth industrial revolution in the world: the center is one of only 14 similar centers worldwide.
  • The university enjoyed the highest percentage of the number of higher education development projects funded by the European Union (Erasmus) in proportion to the number of teaching staff and the fourth absolute rank for projects after Ain Shams, Cairo, and Alexandria Universities.
  • The university is the first Egyptian university to receive Person institutional assurance accreditation from the British Accreditation Pearson Association.
  • The university, funded by the European Union, and in cooperation with the Ministry of Higher Education and the Quality Assurance and Accreditation Authority, leads Egyptian and international institutions to establish and develop a system for digital transformation in Egyptian universities to become smart universities.


  • The university got to be a hub for entrepreneurship in Egyptian universities, which was demonstrated by the confidence of the Central Bank of Egypt in it to finance the Nile Pioneers initiative to spread the culture of entrepreneurship in Egypt and develop work mechanisms in Egyptian banks to support entrepreneurship and small industries in many vital areas in Egypt.
  • The university gained the confidence of the Ministry of Planning as the first non-governmental university to receive funding to establish a sophisticated factory supporting the outputs of entrepreneurs.
  • The American NASA agency has chosen the design house of the Entrepreneurship Initiative at Nile University among 13 companies around the world, out of 331 companies from 42 countries competing to obtain licenses to manufacture the "Vital" ventilator project designed by NASA. The design house at Nile University is the only authorized one in Africa.

Community Service:

  • The university has taken many steps to serve the community through its facilities which it has used to train children in modern technologies as well as design innovative tools to help people with intellectual disabilities learn in schools and surrounding areas.
  • The university strived to transfer the experiences of the prominent Egyptians in the world to the Egyptian society through periodic seminars organized by the university, such as the seminar of Dr. Mohamed El-Erian, the global economist, who explained the expected consequences of the current crisis and the mechanism of dealing with it. It has been viewed by more than 130,000 viewers on the university's website for social media and several million others in the press and various media.
  • The university developed and manufactured medical equipment and supplies and donated them to hospitals in the surrounding area to support and care for medical personnel.
  • The University inaugurated a COVID 19 drive-through medical testing facility as a service to the community.